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June 2009

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strider7901 in makemeup_review

Red = Universal

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Image by Sekhmet869 on DeviantArt.com

The color red, I think, is one of the most overused and yet, underused lipsticks today. Whether it's too lure a man or or fix up a classic face, sometimes too much is a good thing. It can seen everywhere--parties, work, and modeling. And why not? The color red is universal. It looks good on everyone. It's a vintage, but fresh, look everyone should try at least once. However, it can be very imitating.

I know this subject has been ravaged, but it seems that some women don't understand what kind of red they should find in stores. I must've bought 4 different types of red lipsticks from 4 different companies. I never could master the look. There was too much pink, or too much brown. Then I accidently ran into "True Red" by Loreal at the local Wal-mart for ~$8.00.

And stupid me, I did research after I spent my money. It turns out that "True Red" is the universal red color. Anything darker or lighter should depend on your skin tone. But "True Red" is the color anyone can pull off. I don't know about other places, but it's still a hunt to find in this town for that particular shade.

I don't use it very much, but both sexes can agree it shows style, it's sexy, and very sassy. If you still want more info, Sandy Gold does an excellent job hitting the major points of red lipstick in hopes to adding this color in your collection. She's a little too giddy for me, but I have to hand it to her smarts on makeup.