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June 2009

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Home Remedies

Mellow the Yellow
Yellow fingernails could be caused by an underlying medical condition, but smoking and regular use of nail polish can also cause discolored nails. Yellow fingernails really aren’t uncommon, but yellow fingernails really aren’t in
fashion either. Smokers with yellow fingernails, and those who want to switch to sheer shades of polish instead of solid colors can successfully whiten discolored nails.

The following information provides home remedies for whitening yellow fingernails. Depending on the source of yellow fingernails, specific home remedies work for some and not for others. If you have yellow fingernails caused by smoking or frequent nail polish use, try these home remedies to whiten and brighten your nails. You have nothing to lose but yellow tinted nails.

Denture Tablets

Denture tablets whiten and brighten dentures, and denture tablets can also whiten and brighten yellow fingernails. Simply follow instructions for dissolving denture tablets in water, and soak your nails for several minutes. Repeat the process until your nails are lighter and brighter in color.

Real Lemon Juice

Lemons are good for more than making lemonade and other sweet and tangy lemon treats. Real lemon juice can help whiten and brighten yellow nails. Slice open a fresh lemon, and squeeze the juice into a shallow bowl, or use reconstituted lemon juice. Soak your nails in the lemon juice for several minutes, and repeat this treatment as often as necessary. Wash and rinse your hands after treating, and apply lotion to replenish valuable moisture.

Lemon Essential Oil

If you want to moisturize your nails and cuticles while whitening yellow fingernails, try lemon essential oil. Simply pour your favorite lemon essential oil into a shallow bowl, and soak your fingertips for several minutes. Repeat this process whenever you need to whiten, brighten, and condition your nails.

Light Buffing

Fingernails can be lightly buffed to remove light discoloration, but care should be taken when buffing. Besides removing discoloration, buffing encourages nail growth by increasing circulation. Buff in one direction, and use quality buffing materials. Too much buffing or incorrect buffing
can actually weaken nails, and if nails end up breaking it won’t matter what color they are.

Whitening Pencils

If you’re unaware of whitening pencils, check the fingernail product section of your local discount store or pharmacy. There you’ll find pencils for whitening the tips of fingernails. Whitening pencils are inexpensive, easy to use, and they’re a quick and simple way to whiten yellow fingernails.

Base Polish

Nail polish is the most common culprit when fingernails turn yellow. Before polishing your nails in the future, consider using a clear base polish that will add a layer of protection between fingernails and colored polish. Your fingernails will be healthier, thicker, and they will be less likely to turn an undesirable shade of yellow.