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June 2009

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_melodic_ in makemeup_review

Coastal Scents Eye Poxy Primer

First off I really adore the idea of this community. I'm looking forward to seeing it take off~
I'm not sure if this review is allowed so feel free to delete or let me know if it's not :]

Picture of Product:

Product Name: Eye Poxy Primer
Price: 10.95
Where did you buy it?: Online
Pros: It prevents my eye shadow from creasing throughout the day and makes my eye shadow more vibrant when applied.
Cons: The texture at first is a little funny and one must remember to only apply and a little so that it does not get clumpy.
Personal experience with the product. Please include the texture, color, and smell: The texture, as stated above, is a bit odd and if you apply more than a pinch you'll find that it gets clumpy and is not easy to glide on. Once applied smoothly it goes on rather clearly however it's important to let it "dry" for a few minutes before applying your eye shadow for maximum results. The smell is not noticeable at all. If you stick your nose in it and inhale it kind of smells like crayons but other than that it has no scent
What similar product would you compare this to?: Considering I own a small sample of UDPP I would say that the quality is very close in comparison. In fact I find that the poxy primer goes on a bit smoother than UDPP which, for me, is a little too tacky and rough where as the poxy primer glides on.
Extra Comments or pictures: Overall I really like it and suggest it to anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to UDPP or MAC primers. I'll be making a video about it soon so I will update this post when I do for further illustration of this product and it's pros and cons.


Where did you buy it online? And I'm looking forward to see your video! :)
Oops! Sorry, I forgot to post it! Coastalscents.com.

I also highly suggest their brushes and their 88 eyeshadow set. I would have reviewed their crease brush, liner detail brush and foundation brush that I own but there are already so many reviews on youtube I thought I'd still with this. ^^;